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Gino's Banquet Hall is honored to have been hosting events for over 70 years and is proud to be the home of Ace Catering. Ace Catering has also been celebrating events with its loyal customers for over two decades. 


At this Hobart banquet hall, we feature three possible rooms that come with a variety of additional aspects such as a private bridal room and a coat room to ensure a comfortable and accommodating environment, regardless of what type of event you may be considering. 

Whether you are planning for a wedding, a funeral lunch, a birthday, or any other moment worth making special, consider Gino's Banquets by Ace Catering for your next event. 

If you have any inquires or you would like to book, please contact us at one of our two numbers: Ray (Owner) 1-219-588-1800 or Rhonda (Manager) 1-219-947-8282. We look forward to working with you to bring your perfect event to life. 

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